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Do I really need a coach?

Do I really need a coach?

A guy in his mid-thirties working in healthcare company asked me over a chat message.

Yes, you can’t answer this question without acknowledging the fact that you’ve probably had a few already in your life. They were there along your way. We call them Teachers.

We call them Mentors.

We had Sports coaches or personal trainers.

Our friends from whom we learned, who helped us in their capacities to make an impact in our school or college life.

The only difference is, we don’t reckon them as our coaches.

There are some who participated in your life- by suggesting career change or helped us to settle in some odd city.

They all have helped you but they are not your coaches because they had no obvious stake in the outcome you got it.

A coach does more or less similar things, too, but He / She isn’t your friend.

They can be friendly, yes. But, no friend.

You pay them!

They aren’t your teacher or mentor, either.

They are purely a Coach.

They don’t teach you their habits. They don’t give you any tips or tricks or magical formulae to succeed.

They have to experience and feel your story, they have to feel you in your own job. they need to feel the reality of you and your choices then only they will be able to coach you better.

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