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Coaching -when solicited or unsolicited?

Coaching, solicited or unsolicited?

I’m a coach. Yes I believe I am a Coach.

I love coaching, and recently it has become a large part of who I am.

I feel so alive when I’m coaching someone.

During coaching process I become still as water so that my clients can hear their own voice reverberating.

I don’t talk as much as I think through client issue of highest consciousness.

But there’s a time for coaching.

Coaching is effective in right state of mind of coach as well as client.

First establish the desire for coaching and then assess the coaching is the right option.

Many coaches, including myself, who jump into coaching mode when it was unsolicited and unwanted.

Like, at times when people are looking for a friend to talk to and not for advice.

Like, at times when people are looking for someone to listen to and not for preaching.

At times when people just want to talk about their life and not for quick fixes.

At times when people just simply discuss their wishes and not for setting life goals.

And that’s why at times when the coaching attempt sound annoying and seen as arrogant approach.

Don’t commit that mistake.

Don’t try to coach something out of nothing.

Coaching is different from interviewing.

Make sure that you have permission to coach because coaching needs permission.

Make sure that the person you’re talking to is looking for a way forward.

Coaching is asking questions however make sure that your coaching don’t sound like interrogating.

Make sure that you are coaching for their benefit, and not to show yourself clever or smart.

Be an encourager first before becoming a coach.

When it comes to encouragement, there is nothing like odd time.

Coaching and encouragement are two different things.

You should always get permission for first one and never need it for the second.

Coaching without permission can be looked upon as violence.

Get it wrong and people will start avoiding you.

Choose wisely and your influence and reputation will increase.

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