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Coaching is all about coachee....

We always tend to fix things. It’s in our nature.

During coaching session you are listening to people and when you are listening you wonder why people are not able to see things what you see so clear.

The solution seems to be right in front of their eyes and it seems they are not able to see it.

As a coach you would be tempted to take matter into your hands, feel like telling your coachee what the problem really is and what the solution is.

If you do so, then you are not coaching. Because, coaching is about creating awareness, generating a sense of responsibility and encouraging to initiate action.

Any kind of intervention from the coach will affect the outcomes, and in turn reduces the impact of coaching. That is because telling a coachee what to do, is like reducing his or her responsibility.

So even when you know that it’s about the nail in the seat, it’s the coachee that should decide if it really is about the nail.

And even if you think pulling out or hammer in the nail is the only solution, it’s the coachee that will decide to pull it out or hammer in.

Your role as coach is not about the content but about the process.

Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s not and it was never about the nail. It’s always about the coachee.

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