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CEOs should be essentially a storyteller.

CEOs must embrace storytelling and should be essentially a storyteller. The reason is- as the company is a story by itself, the man at the top – the CEO has to be the one who tells the story. A story about a company, its values, its culture, the human asset they have, its belief systems, its challenges and the company’s vision from ‘Here’ to ‘There’. Who else other than CEO would be able to visualize hence essentially a CEO of a company is a storyteller. In today's competitive world the personality plays a major role and the world like to see the face behind the company. CEOs who spread the company's story, both internally and externally, will generate extra authenticity and credibility. He becomes the most acceptable personality for the internal and external world and he is able to deliver the essential deliverables which would enhance the company’s branding. After all, he or she, as a CEO of a company, is one of the key people who have laid the foundations and objectives of a company by defining and formulating the mission, vision, and ambition. By performing this a CEO makes this 'ambassador's function' an essential piece of the puzzle called ‘Company' – here it goes like this!!

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