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Cellphone-Life Balance

work-life balance is major worry now-a-days

{{{ Our Cellphone-Life Balance is a matter of great worry }}}

We all probably know we're a little obsessed with our phone-but everyone's doing it, so it's easy to excuse us as "normal." Take a minute to assess the daily decisions we're making regarding our cellphone, especially after work hours but we still remain on the work.

Our priorities are controlled by Cellphones.

By choosing to be on the phone, we are unknowingly letting technology dictate our priorities, what I mean -work over relaxation and ultimately put ourselves in a stressful mindset.

The habit of frequent checking of cellphones creates more work.

Too many people who feel pressured to respond immediately to a work email or work related text or voice messages, ultimately conveying the world that they are available 24/7. Sometimes a simple reply to an email leads to a phone call, which spirals into multiple work. We need to mark a boundary that work does not bother us till the next day.

The constant remain in touch or connection reinforces negative beliefs.

Number of times we have felt frustrated after checking our email after we’ve left work for the day? Perhaps, it reinforced that the feeling we haven’t work hard enough.

At the end of the day, we need a break from our daily routine.

Constantly checking our cell phones is pushing our minds into a sort of overdrive. We need to give our minds a break. We must allow ourselves permission to spend time alone or with loved ones. We deserve to enjoy a weekend or a vacation- fully unplugging from work and engaging in beautiful moments of the holiday you worked so hard for.

{{What we can do about it.}}

1. Turn off Notifications- from emails, text messages and apps. The exception could be incoming or missed calls.

2. Set a Sacred Time- to check phone or emails once you are off from the work.

3. Be 100% on weekend or Vacation- disable work email and put limits on your phone usage.

4. Finding Other Things to fill the cellphone Time- enjoy listening to music while driving, breathing in fresh air during morning walk, meet new people either in super market or in shopping mall. If possible develop habit of writing, drawing, or painting.

With a few swipes of your thumb, you can set up your smartphone to have more optimal cellphone-life balance for yourself and also for your work-addicted Boss or Client.

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