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Are there too many Life Coaches around?

Recently, I have come across with many Life coaches, either met personally or interacted with on Social media. Of course, I am not an exception to it, I belong to the same community of coaches.

Often I heard them saying" I help people finding their passion" or " My purpose is to help people find their purpose".

It's a noble thing if you help people to reach the Goals in their life or help them to find their purpose in life.

In fact, it is not mandatory for Life Coach to have any certification or any coaching qualification. I know some of the Life Coaches who have not taken any formal training as such, yet are excellent coaches.

On the other hand, I am not sure if someone can be trained enough and later can be certified on the subject as broad as 'Life Coaching', no matter whether it is 2 weeks, or 2-months or 2-years Program. Yet I am not the exception, I am one of them.

I have nothing against Life Coach, pl. believe me, or anything against a coaching profession. I wholeheartedly admire and appreciate it. Maybe there is something in it so I got drawn up to, from my hardcore technical and technology field, with what I am engaged for 36 years of my career.

However, I have a problem with certain categories of Life Coaches who sell their Life, disguised into some kind of Coaching product. They spend more time trying to live and sell a kind of Lifestyle which suits them, rather than investing in the services which they are expected to offer to their prospects.

We do come across quite a few Life coaches with their Photographs posted on social media platforms, either on beautiful beaches, or at some Yoga retreats, or at some fabulous resorts with very catchy and glamourous captions.

In my opinion, these Coaches are incredibly very attractive in their appearances, their dressing style and the locations at which they shoot pictures make them look more glamorous.

There is nothing wrong and we all should aspire and strive for a beautiful life we deserve but I am a bit uncomfortable at the point to sell this life.

In my personal opinion, depicting the glamorous life to which other people get to aspire to it is unfair and inappropriate. It misleads prospective clients to imagine, visualize, emulate and idolize their lifestyles with their known coach's lifestyles. It also misleads the aspiring coaches to get attracted to the coaching profession thinking that after becoming coach they would have such a glamorous lifestyle. On the other hand, the existing coaches who are not able to live such a lifestyle, they try to adopt the deceiving marketing practices and give false promises about the coaching outcomes.

The most important bottom line one needs to understand that you need not have an 'immaculate life' to be a Coach.

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