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30th day can wait.

When you finish your product or a service, when should you release in the market?

What is appropriate time when people should have it?

Probably a lot quicker than you envisage or you feel comfortable with.

Ideally once you ensure that the product does what it need to do, it need to be launched.

There might be few things to do pending related to your product or service, but that's ok.

Don't hold everything because of few leftover things need to be attended. Surely, it would be done at later date. Who knows, doing later might mean doing it better.

Put aside things which you don't need for launch of your product. Build and focus on the 'must' things now, the 'extra' can take worry later.

If you take this kind of approach, there is a chance that those 'extra' will remain extra and you may not need them at later date too.

So, you need to worry more about problems that actually mattered on the launching day, day 30th can very well wait.

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